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Re: QTS ( was Re: user support - Shapado instance for Debian)

I like the ASK.d.n

I believe, It is not for developers and not for advanced users or it's not for bug reports, nor add to the discussions.

It sits between the user who does not know how to use mailing lists and operating system.

The ASK.d.n will reply that a bug is handled in such a way and that discussions are handled through the lists debian.

Citando Ritesh Raj Sarraf <rrs@researchut.com>:

Exctly my point. What all places can we expect people to track ?
We already have:
* Regular Mails
* Mailing Lists
* RSS Feeds

Out BTS is so efficient because of the email interface. I can and will respond
to emails in my mailbox. But browsing through pages daily might not be
something I'll be interested for long.
I like the way the LKML folks have organized their communication channel.
First, of, CCing relevant and involved parties irrespective of their
subscription status.
Also the b.k.o comments are updated with regular email updates.


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