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Debian meetup at FSCONs 5-7 November 2010

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*** a bunch of people in the nordic region which I found on db.debian.org.


    FSCONS is held in Gothenburg, Sweden during 5-7 november 2010.

    Debian meetup during FSCONS? It is an opportunity to start a Debian-Nordic

    We can probably receive some travel sponsorship for this.


Since 2007 the Free Society Conference and Nordic Summit (FSCONS) is held in
beatiful Gothenburg, Sweden.

Debian has always had a presence there in some form, devrooms, talks etc. Last
year, when there was almost a separate Debian track, some people from Sweden
also tried to give a minidebconf during the conference.

The interest from fellow nordic Debian people was quite low though...

During DebConf10 in New York I spoke to several people from the nordic region
and discussed having meetups and maybe even forming Debian-Nordic. Many of us
agreed upon that having such a group would create a more vibrant and active
Debian community in the nordic region. It would be an awesome way for developers
to meet as well as spreading Debian and creating a platform and gateway for
interested people and wannabe contributors.

It seemed like the interest from fellow nordic Debian people was quite high!

I think there is a great opportunity here. Also, it is really fun to meet people
AFK. :-)

The Debian presence at FSCONS this year basically consists of two people
involved with Debian, and me giving a talk about using Git for packaging.

There is of course the possibility to have a Debian meetup on the side. I think
that, if some people are interested and will come, we could have a general
Debian workshop at the conference for a few hours.

If people want to take part in a Nordic Debian meetup at FSCONS I believe that
we can receive sponsorship for it.

Practical information about FSCONS


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