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Re: FTPMaster meeting minutes

On 12248 March 1977, Hector Oron wrote:
>> 11. debian-ports
>>     [...]
>>     that FTPMaster does the technic while someone else is actually
>>     responsible for it. So 2 or more DDs need to sign up for the work
>>     per arch, if they drop out and noone replaces, it gets removed, etc.
> I would not mind to help towards this goal and step up for whatever is
> needed, if you find it appropiate. Where do we need to sign up? :)

When we are that far we will let d-d-a know about it for sure.

>> 18. Contents
>>     We are still working on this, mainly due to time constraints on the
>>     side of the main driver behind this. Should be ready soon.
> What is Contents work about? Is it just packages content or are you
> working to provide a multimedia free/open content network (Debian
> Style). :D

Its one of the steps we follow on our road to get more data into
projectb. In this case its "what you can find in Contents files -> you
find in projectb" combined with "we generate the files out of there".

(The next step then will be to do the same with Packages/Sources)

bye, Joerg
[...] when an Idea and a developer get laid, code awakes to the world, then
a Debian package is made and pulled in the unstable distribution[...]

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