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Re: DebianGIS - Mapping of Debian on #Planet #Earth. #People, #Developers, #Computers, #News, #Events, etc. http://gis.debianart.org


On 09/24/2010 07:27 PM, Valessio Brito wrote:
> Hi All,
> DebianGIS experimental project.... to Mapping of Debian on Planet
> Earth. People, Developers, Computers, News, Events, etc.

I'm wondering where you got the location data of our developers from. The
locations in db.debian.org is not public, so I'm wondering why you're publishing
the detailed locations on a map, at least without asking first.
Not that my address would be a secret, everybod who is able to use whois is able
to retrieve it, but i could imagine some other develoeprs are more paranoid
about it. And private date from db.debian.org should not be published.

Otherwise I really like the idea!



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