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Re: FTPMaster meeting minutes

On 12248 March 1977, Raphael Hertzog wrote:

>> 15. control-suite sanity
>>     Right now there is no sane version checking done when we import new
>>     data into a suite using c-s. This means that in theory the release
>>     managers could put packages/versions from any suite into testing
>>     (say, an oldstable version into testing, an experimental version
>>     into testing), completly violating any version constraint the suites
>>     have when processing uploads.
>>     This is currently solved/worked around by having a very big
>>     (virtual) hammer flying above the release/volatile peoples heads -
>>     should they ever make use of this capability and take version from
>>     elsewhere than the allowed source suite the import process would be
>>     stopped by us until we have all code changed to fully check it.
> I can see the need of those checks as safety guards. They would be set
> up on request of the people who decides of the policy... but why do you
> present this as a hammer above their heads? If they're in charge of the
> policy for a suite, they get to decide what goes in, no?

They decide, within the limits of the general archive. Which, using
testing as example, has the version constraints. testing takes from
unstable, and thats it. As I wrote it is a non-issue right now, but has
to be enforced if we want to easily add new suites and make sure the
technic actually ensures the general settings stay valid.

> Anyway, I was wondering if there's some documentation about this interface
> or if there's only the source code. I will have to look into this for
> the CUT related suites so I might well just ask for a starter.

package version architecture

dak ls -s testing -r . -f heidi gets you an idea.

bye, Joerg
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