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Re: FTPMaster meeting minutes

>>  2. Call for volunteers
> I volunteer to help the processing the NEW queue. I have a some experience in
> inspecting packages, through working on a team that maintains more than a
> hundred of them, and through my proposal for a chain reaction of copyright file
> peer reviews (http://wiki.debian.org/CopyrightReview), that unfortunately did
> not attract followers.  You can check at the following page for my accuracy.
> http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/pkgreport.cgi?tag=one-copyright-review;users=debian-legal@lists.debian.org

Thank you for volunteering.
We have just discussed it within the team and I have the unfortunate job
to tell you that existing members raised the "won't fit" card, ie. while
I am sure you could work with the existing members, not all of them
could or want with you.

As such I currently do not see you joining the team directly, but ...

> I also have a strong interest in data.debian.org, but probably more as a user
> than a team member. This said, if you need real-life cases for biology, do not
> hesitate to contact the Debian Med team.

... data.debian.org sounds good. What about helping out programming,
changing our code, to get earlier to it? That way I stand between you
and the team and you are helping out with a very valued contribution
that leads us to have data.debian.org earlier. :)

If so, to get you a basic understanding of the code so we have a base to
put our discussions on, could you please
 git clone https://ftp-master.debian.org/git/dak.git
and try getting familiar with it, at least the basic structure and ways
we do things?

A good learning example to find the way around would be to trace the
code path a package of a NEW upload is following in all the various
times we run a dak command on it, until the time it is finally removed
From the archive. That is, initial processing in the unchecked queue
(start with cron.unchecked from config/debian/), placing into NEW,
acceptance from there, installation into the archive, possibly moving to
a different suite, getting removed from the archive...)

bye, Joerg
<buxy> I wish mrvn stopped supporting 3.0 (quilt), it's a recipe for failure

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