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Re: DEP5: Making "Files: *" non-optional

On Mon, Sep 13, 2010 at 02:53:47PM +0100, Lars Wirzenius wrote:
The current DEP5 draft says:

* **`Files`**
  * Required for all but the first paragraph.
    If omitted from the first paragraph,
    this is equivalent to a value of '*'.
  * Syntax: white space separated list
  * List of patterns indicating files covered by the license
    and copyright specified in this paragraph.  See "File patterns" below.

Does anyone oppose if I remove the "If omitted..." sentence? I see no
reason to make the format unnecessarily complicated by having it
optional. In other words, I propose to make the "Files:" field mandatory
in all paragraphs except the first (header) one, where it is not allowed
at all.

Hmm. "First paragraph" means different things in the quoted text and your agument below it: "First non-header paragraph" vs. "First pragraph including the header". I do understand your argument - this is just a mild warning: similar confusion might occur (or already exist?) at other places.

Regarding your proposal: I found it easier readable when omitting a catch-all Files: section, so would prefer to keep it.

That said, it is not high on my list, so am probably easily convinced to let go of this standpoint.

 - Jonas

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