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Re: DEP5: Making "Files: *" non-optional

On Mon, Sep 13 2010, Lars Wirzenius wrote:

> The current DEP5 draft says:
>  * **`Files`**
>    * Required for all but the first paragraph.
>      If omitted from the first paragraph,
>      this is equivalent to a value of '*'.
>    * Syntax: white space separated list
>    * List of patterns indicating files covered by the license
>      and copyright specified in this paragraph.  See "File patterns" below.
> Does anyone oppose if I remove the "If omitted..." sentence? I see no
> reason to make the format unnecessarily complicated by having it
> optional. In other words, I propose to make the "Files:" field mandatory
> in all paragraphs except the first (header) one, where it is not allowed
> at all.

        Currently, one only needs to list the copyrights in the package,
 without specifying  which file each copyright applies to. How is that
 specified in DEP5 format? Implying that all copyright notices apply to
 all files would be an untruth.

        I would suggest that a missing files: field in the headers
 implies that no statement is being made about which files the copyright
 notice applies to, instead f  implying it applies to all files.

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