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Re: Problems with NM Front Desk


Firs of all: for people who are going to reply me from now on: Please don't 
make me repeat the same thing a dozen times, it's boring for me to have to 
do so and for people reading.

So if you're going to tell you opinon about whether you consider that I made 
effort enough or not to apply for DD without being DM first (which by now is 
of little interest), please read my application and the advocation message 
before, available from the archives of the appropriate mailing lists.


(This was the advocation for DD, but the information is superseded by the 
previous one: http://lists.debian.org/debian-newmaint/2010/06/msg00022.html 

On Tuesday 06 July 2010 16:09:20 Patrick Schoenfeld wrote:
> Yes, you did three uploads on two packages for which you are not the
> maintainer in a time range of one (!) month.
> In other words:
> No one can see from this as much commitment as we require from
> people who want to be a Debian Developer. We can't even tell from
> this if you'd be active in a month from now.
> [...]

If with the "one (!)" thing you mean that it's too little commitment for me 
to apply for DD you're wrong here, because I was not defending (in the lines 
that you're quoting) the case about why I considered that I could start the 
NM process (apply for DD) without being official DM first.

[Refer to the messages pointed in the hader.  They wiped my application from 
the NM database and I won't apply again, so that's why there's no need to 
discuss that again, anyway.]

So in what you quote, I was replying only to Russ' paragraph:
"You do not need to be a DD to address this, and if you're interested in
maintaining this package, you should not wait to be a DD to address
this.  You can start working on this now."

I'm in effect taking responsibility for those packages, I'll put myself in 
Maintainers/Uploaders field if that's the right thing to do in the next 

> > If you mean that I was rejected because I required more time from Front
> > Desk, I don't think that's true.
> > 
> > Instead of looking to "Maintainer" or "Uploaders" field, all I was
> > asking is to just look at a few entries in a changelog, approved by
> > the maintainer of the package himself who is a Debian Developer since
> > very long ago, and who was the person who uploaded the package.
> And that is already wrong and (for now!) IMHO disqualifying you from
> beeing a DD. The point is, we want our DDs to take some responsibility
> for the ideals and goals of the project and to be trustworthy.
> That is because they have unlimited upload access, are able to access
> the porter machines and decide on the future of Debian by voting.
> If you are not even taking responsibility for _one_ package by
> becoming the maintainer of it and this way stating "I feel responsible
> for this package" how do you expect us to see weither you feel
> responsible for a certain package? Just because of two uploads in one
> month? If you don't want to follow the common procedures in the project
> (e.g. for taking over packages) how are we supposed to know that you
> will, once you are a DD?

Apart from the "one month" thing that I replied to above, I was not putting 
myself as maintainer because:

1) OpenSceneGraph does have a maintainer, I'm just co-maintaining it 
unofficially. (And reason 3) after this).

2) The NMUs to Aqsis and K3D, after previous NMU-notice and my offering to 
co-maintain them several months ago, were not replied, so before seeing 
whether the maintainer reacts or not, I didn't feel that it was appropriate 
to overtake the package (without doing the MIA process, which I didn't want 
to, as explained in other message).

3) As a Debian user, I don't think that it's appropriate that random people 
appear as Maintainer of a package when they didn't get DM or DD status, 
especially if (for the time being in two of the packages) they only upload 
once or twice; and unless they are in the process of becoming DMs or DDs.

So I was trying to state "I want to be responsible for this and that" when I 
submitted my appplication and before they wiped my application to NM; and 
when I applied to DM before the wiping because of the "unofficially enforced 

And that's why I didn't want to put myself as maintainer before having some 
kind of official "engagement" with Debian -- not wanting to pretend that I'm 
officially Debian-something, instead of not wanting to take responsibility.

Was I wrong?  Yes.  Will I fix it?  Hopefully yes.  Sorry, my bad, and 
thanks for pointing it.

Manuel A. Fernandez Montecelo <manuel.montezelo@gmail.com>

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