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Re: Problems with NM Front Desk

On Tue, Jul 6, 2010 at 10:09 PM, Patrick Schoenfeld
<schoenfeld@debian.org> wrote:

> And that is already wrong and (for now!) IMHO disqualifying you from beeing
> a DD. The point is, we want our DDs to take some responsibility
> for the ideals and goals of the project and to be trustworthy.
> That is because they have unlimited upload access, are able to access
> the porter machines and decide on the future of Debian by voting.
> If you are not even taking responsibility for _one_ package by
> becoming the maintainer of it and this way stating "I feel responsible
> for this package" how do you expect us to see weither you feel
> responsible for a certain package? Just because of two uploads in one
> month? If you don't want to follow the common procedures in the project
> (e.g. for taking over packages) how are we supposed to know that you
> will, once you are a DD?

A lot of folks have pointed this out (including myself in private mail
before these public threads started). AFAICT, Manuel simply
misinterpreted Debian's confusing terminology to mean that he couldn't
put himself in the Maintainer/Uploader fields of packages until he
became a DM/DD (and his sponsor should be in those fields instead). I
think this has been explained to him enough now and would assume he
can understand the situation properly now.

Everyone needs to calm down, use less emotive language and forgive
misunderstandings and miscommunications.



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