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Re: Problems with NM Front Desk


On Tue, Jul 06, 2010 at 03:13:34PM +0200, Manuel A. Fernandez Montecelo wrote:
> I, as an outsider, don't want to "investigate and report" on people, in 
> general; I'm just concerned with packages being in a good shape (especially 
> the ones that I know of, and if I can help in any way).

well, if you don't want to do it as an outsider you don't have to,
but its the right way to go under normal circumstances and anyway
if you were a DD.

> > You do not need to be a DD to address this, and if you're interested in
> > maintaining this package, you *should not* wait to be a DD to address
> > this.  You can start working on this now.
> As I said multiple times I already did, I created 3 versions of that 
> packages already, which were sponsored and uploaded:
> http://packages.qa.debian.org/a/aqsis.html 
> http://packages.qa.debian.org/k/k3d.html
> with a few fixes in the works (RPATH lintian warning, licensng problems and 
> others).

Yes, you did three uploads on two packages for which you are not the
maintainer in a time range of one (!) month. In other words:
No one can see from this as much commitment as we require from
people who want to be a Debian Developer. We can't even tell from
this if you'd be active in a month from now.
And one could even say that the answer to one of the questions in the
"Apply for NM" checklist is no, depending on how you look at it,
because you are not the maintainer of any package in the archive.

Don't take that as we'd not appreciate or honour what you've did so far.
But you don't have to be a DD for this. 
It does not require you the right to vote or unsupervised
upload access for every package in the archive. You possibly don't need
access to our porter systems.

I don't want to comment the communication between you and FD/DAM
but it seems to me that you have not yet understood some of the
basic concepts of how Debian works. Therefore I can understand
if you are not passed through to start the process of becoming a DD.

> If you mean that I was rejected because I required more time from Front 
> Desk, I don't think that's true.
> Instead of looking to "Maintainer" or "Uploaders" field, all I was asking is 
> to just look at a few entries in a changelog, approved by the maintainer of 
> the package himself who is a Debian Developer since very long ago, and who 
> was the person who uploaded the package.

And that is already wrong and (for now!) IMHO disqualifying you from beeing
a DD. The point is, we want our DDs to take some responsibility
for the ideals and goals of the project and to be trustworthy.
That is because they have unlimited upload access, are able to access
the porter machines and decide on the future of Debian by voting.

If you are not even taking responsibility for _one_ package by
becoming the maintainer of it and this way stating "I feel responsible
for this package" how do you expect us to see weither you feel
responsible for a certain package? Just because of two uploads in one
month? If you don't want to follow the common procedures in the project
(e.g. for taking over packages) how are we supposed to know that you
will, once you are a DD?

> I wouldn't think that Front Desk job checks are OK just by checking those 
> fields, because they're clearly misleading in many packages.  That maybe 

Well, they must not be misleading on weither the person in question
feels responsible at all for what he is applying to do.
Thats a _first_ indication of your work in Debian. If its not enough
we can't handle your application over to an AM who has to spend
a lot of time for your application (the NM-process takes quiet some time for
you and your AM!).

The package check itself is handled by the Application Managers.
We have to do some more checks than just checking those fields.

Best Regards,

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