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Re: The role of debian-private

On Wed, 09 Jun 2010, Piotr Ożarowski wrote:
> [Christoph Berg, 2010-06-09]
> > Too few MUAs have a button for "don't bother me about new mail
> > in this (sub-)thread".
> I wish all off-topic mails were marked with "OT" tag in the subject,
> dovecot moves such mails (including the ones tagged with "VAC") to a
> different mailbox for me.

Anything which is off-topic for -private doesn't need to be kept
private, and should be moved to another list as soon as possible.[0]

People who continue to post to such threads should be asked nicely to
raise the subject in an appropriate mailing list and continue the
discussion there. [And if the argument against moving it to the
appropriate mailing list is because no one is subscribed to that
mailing list, then no one cares about that topic anyway and the
flogging should stop.]

Don Armstrong

0: This is one of the reasons why I wish we had gone to compulsory
declassification of -private for non-VAC mails, with the onus on
people who want a thread to remain private to put forward the effort
to redact the messages.
It has always been Debian's philosophy in the past to stick to what
makes sense, regardless of what crack the rest of the universe is
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