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Re: Gemini Project


Am 01.06.2010 10:59, schrieb Marco Mura:

> i'm not English...

Neither am I ;)

> The Project it's a website, you can test the OS without installing it,
> it's different from a live cd or a live dvd, you do not need to download
> it, the system probably have a lot of limitation, we are on the web,
> that's true... If the Debian Project are interested i need an
> authorization to recreate your system, with your images, example within
> the different Themes (Plastik, etc), Kde or Gnome, etc, i'm not a new user
> of linux, but i do not know Debian that good..

Just out of curiosity:  How do you do that?

But from a legal standpoint there's no problem from our side:  As Debian
is free software, you are of course allowed to do whatever you want with it.

Best regards,

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