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Re: re-organizing dvd

>>DVD 4 and 5 might be possible to club in on.

>The packages on the CD and DVD sets are currently organised
>automatically to optimise the layout in terms of dependencies and
>popularity. That can be reasonably easily worked out automatically.

Popularity could make the content of cd/dvd very different from previous 

>The scheme you're suggesting would take a lot more manual effort,
>leaving it more prone to mistakes. It also doesn't scale for the next
>release - weekly squeeze builds are already up to 7 DVDs for i386 and
>not very far off spreading on to number 8.

I was unaware of No. of dvds in coming release would be 7 or 8.
Speaking of which, this makes even more wanting to have them organised in 
example the I gave.

Extending the example;
Think is terms of users wanting to install.
Scenarios with needed DVDs:
 Home desktop users/base installs - DVD 1
 Developers - DVDs 1 + 2 + 3
 Education/Scientific - DVDs 1 + 4
 Games - DVDs 1 + 5
 Other desktops(xfce..etc) - DVDs 1 + 6
 Libs - this dvd(7) could be used by above
 Less used apps/beta apps..etc for advanced or try it our users) - in DVD 8

Based on this users could decides what DVDs to download.
There might be issues to overlapping dependencies for apps, but then there are 
some apps like Developers, scientific, education, games that can be packed 
separately without problems, even other desktops.

Another benefit is stability of dvd content in said numbered DVD over period 
of time, unlike popularity method.


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