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Gemini Project

i'm not English... so, my english isn't all that good... I've a dream, or
a idea, choose what you want. I'd like to create a website where you can
see a lot of OS and you can test them, you can see what they can do, how
they works.

First Test It. After that you can choose what you Need. So, i'm interested
into Debian for this project, i'd like to insert Debian into this OS List

The Project it's a website, you can test the OS without installing it,
it's different from a live cd or a live dvd, you do not need to download
it, the system probably have a lot of limitation, we are on the web,
that's true... If the Debian Project are interested i need an
authorization to recreate your system, with your images, example within
the different Themes (Plastik, etc), Kde or Gnome, etc, i'm not a new user
of linux, but i do not know Debian that good..

Have a Good Day.
Marco Mura. (Italy)

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