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Re: Gemini Project

Hi Marco,

On 06/01/2010 10:59 AM, Marco Mura wrote:
> i'm not English... so, my english isn't all that good... I've a dream, or
> a idea, choose what you want. I'd like to create a website where you can
> see a lot of OS and you can test them, you can see what they can do, how
> they works.
> First Test It. After that you can choose what you Need. So, i'm interested
> into Debian for this project, i'd like to insert Debian into this OS List
> =)
> The Project it's a website, you can test the OS without installing it,
> it's different from a live cd or a live dvd, you do not need to download
> it, the system probably have a lot of limitation, we are on the web,
> that's true... If the Debian Project are interested i need an
> authorization to recreate your system, with your images, example within
> the different Themes (Plastik, etc), Kde or Gnome, etc, i'm not a new user
> of linux, but i do not know Debian that good..
My suggestion would be to contact
http://www.netboot.me/browse/live/linux/ who will most certainly happily
accept your contributions. I tried it once myself, this is a truly
amazing service. And...there is no Debian, yet. What came to mind is to
check out an integration of http://www.damnsmalllinux.org/ , but I admit
not to have run that for several years.



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