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Using project resources for blends and non-free


As you probably now, Andreas Barth, Martin Zobel-Helas and I have been
managing a buildd network for some services closely related to (or even
part of) Debian such as Debian non-free, volatile, experimental,
backports and debian-edu. The situation in the official buildd network
has changed in the past year and we once again have a dynamic, working
admin team for buildd.d.o. Therefore, we would like to join our services,
reducing admin overhead and freeing time for more useful things.

Our problem is that while volatile and experimental are official Debian
services by now and backports is working on becoming one, using
buildd.debian.org for Debian non-free and debian-edu might be something
not everyone is happy about. If people are OK with it, we would like to
handle the actual wanna-build databases for these suites on
buildd.debian.org, while keeping most of our buildds running as before.

This would mean adding a little load to buildd.d.o (which, looking at
its current status, is negligible) and slightly increase the security
risks as we now have more buildds connecting to this host. The latter
should not be a problem, as buildds (id'ed by ssh keys) can only access
a database through a wrapper, but I thought it should be mentioned.

The actual building would happen on non-Debian machines, as before, so
no additional load is planned for the buildds. I have to admit that I
would also like to use official buildds for this task, but this is
something that can be discussed and done at a later point.

We would like to do move the wanna-build databases (and all logs for
these builds) soon, so I would like to know if anyone is unhappy about

Thanks for your input,
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