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Re: dpkg feature implementation

* dE . <de.techno@gmail.com> [100105 09:26]:
> A problem comes for people who apparently think that Debian based
> distributions or Linux in general is useless when it comes to software
> installation without the internet. Well...yes, software installation
> can be done offline with apt, but it's not easy compared to the system
> that windows has set up.

Here I must severly contradict.

> The easiest way to install a software in an offline computer is to
> make a package which will install the software by simply running it.

Sorry, running stuff to install things is the hardest part. Because it
requires very hard checks that it will only install stuff and not do
evil things or allow installing stuff as user (and then having all the
hassle to move things manually to their final place).

> In Linux, the issue is the dependencies, if all dependencies (relative
> to a Debian based OS install) is made to be integrated within a single
> package the problem will be solved.

Which problem? dpkg is quite good in that regard: just give it a number
of .deb files to install and unless there are any Pre-Depends (which
usual non-system packages should not have), dpkg will sort out the order
to unpack/configure stuff. And if some dependencies are missing a single
apt-get install -f after it will usually get those from your CD/other
offline medium you have.

	Bernhard R. Link

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