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Re: Distributing software written by hostile upstream developers

On Thu, Sep 17, 2009 at 11:24:15PM +0100, Steve McIntyre wrote:
> >Still, I fail to see exactly how Steve was proposing to solve the
> >issue. He mentioned a vote, but to me the proposal was too vague to even
> >understand what we can vote about.
> Oh, absolutely. :-) I don't have a concrete proposal for what we
> could/should vote on yet, instead I'm looking for more opinions here.

Fair enough. However, re-skimming through the thread, I don't see any
specific option that have been raised that my warrant a vote. Actually,
I don't see a will to vote at all.

> >So, can't we just stay put and say that, when new cases will arise, we
> >will vote about whether the project wants a specific software---due to
> >difficulties in dealing with a specific upstream---in the distro or not?
> I guess it depends on how often it might come up; do we need a YA
> potential flamwewar each time, or can we come up with a set of
> reasonable guidelines which will help maintainers/ftpmaster/TC to
> decide without that?

If my memory is not mistaken, we have had one big thread on schilyware,
that's true. A flameware, may be, but it was not between us, but rather
all of "us" against schily. There is little you can do (beside using
well-known mailing list moderating measures) to avoid a flame when a
given "hostile upstream" comes trolling on our lists. In my opinion,
avoiding that does not warrant any specific vote of any kind.

Regarding the frequency, my personal taste is that the issue of hostile
upstream which damaged our lists has been rare enough not to require any
specific new procedure (which we will discuss to death, given how much
we love bureaucratic details). We should just remember, the next time
that such a problem arises, to call for a vote to make crystal clear
that the project does not want to deal with someone, for specific


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