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no smp kernel available yet ?!


I just bought a new PC (based on Intel I5 750 processor) -- it's not yet here, but it will soon. So, I looked for some multicore 64bit processors Debian portage, but founded none except ia64 with a monocore default kernel. So, I will have to compile a new kernel (with SMP support).

In the past (8-10 years ago), I already tried to compile the kernel to add Amiga filesystems support (I still have ~512Mo of datas/sources/etc... to get back from an old scsi disk), but the new kernel never works after install/reboot. So, after 3-4 tries, I left.

Multicore cpus are here since a few years, so why don't you set any multicore kernels/distributions ready to use ? Strange :\

Best regards,
Frantz. (zebulon.biniou.net)

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