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Re: Distributing software written by hostile upstream developers

>> There has been some discussion in the last couple of years about
>> whether or not Debian should distribute software that was written by
>> developers that we consider to be "hostile".
> In my opinion, the current recommendation in the developer references
> is enough for now:

Different thing. This encourages the maintainer to think if he wants
it. Now, what if the maintainer wants it (hey, some people might like
some pain), but a huge group in Debian does not? The latter is what
Steve tries to address, the dev-ref doesnt do any good there.

> If someone really want to maintain such package, we should not
> prohibit it, but we should make it clear that it is strongly
> recommended to not maintain such package, and that the advantage of
> the software should be weighted against the problems it causes for the
> Debian community.  Perhaps we should also suggest that one start
> working on alternatives for packages with hostile upstream, instead of
> spending time on social interactions with upstream. :)

It will not prohibit the maintenance. It will only not let it enter
Debian, using up Debian resources. They are free to host their own
repository or just put the .deb wherever upstream distributes their

bye, Joerg
You're in good shape for being a Debian, with a SAP background
... anything has to look good from there...

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