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Re: Debian money

> Steve McIntyre <leader@debian.org> writes:
> >  4 Marketing stuff:
> >    a box(es) of equipment to take to stands at various shows and
> >      expos. Might be useful, but could be expensive. Where do we store
> >      it/them? Who organises shipping?
> I think this is something which we should pursue. I generally have the
> impression that the Debian booth is relatively boring, while other
> projects seem to be better in properly decorating, displaying their
> products and attracting interest. We should definitely work on that -
> currently, the Debian project booth is usually just like prejudices
> against Debian: Highly technical, unattractive and of no interest to new
> users.

While this is something Debian as a project should do at some extend, I think 
an Occam Razor should be applied in order not to blindly follow the 
corporatocracy to the extend when Debian looses its charm as a volunteer 
project and begins to resemble a corporation spending bloody bucks for 
preparing slick and artificial looks&feels, which is not a rocket science. Just 
for the record, I'm not attacking Ubuntu here, not at all, it is just a 
different plateau to exists.

More long lasting, innovative, non-intrusive, and sometimes cheaper and easier 
to achieve ways exists to advertise a volunteer project like that: wearing 
debian/rules tshirts, having car rear window sticker of www.debian.org, using 
Debian on your portable computers... People jealous and really get interested 
if you are *different and innovative*, which could be considered as some sort 
of a rocket science;-)

P.S. This is just my opinion, and I'm not trying to correct anything Marc 
previously wrote.

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