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Re: Debian money

Hi, Steve:

On Thursday 10 September 2009 01:57:14 Steve McIntyre wrote:

>  4 Marketing stuff:

Yes.  There's a kindof "market point" I've been wishing on Debian for 
years "knowing" that it simply could happen: certifications and generally 
rising attention to commercial producers, both hardware and (free/open) 

I think there's right now a thread on debian-users of an individual asking for 
hardware 100% supported because of management.  I know that, say, Dell 
certifices/is certified by Red Hat because both the companies have the 
management the time and the money to reach each other, talk and find their 
common interest points.  It's may opinion that Debian is the perfect platform 
for them: all development being in the open you know from far away if your 
hardware/software will be able to play along next Stable version; if you 
need/want to maintain your own (free) software is quite easy to get into 
Debian repos (you just need to "play nice"); even if you plan to develop on 
the proprietary side, you will be able to use the very same tools than Debian 
for easy and smooth integration.  Being Debian a non for profit with high 
ethics you can count on it not trying to stab you in the back if the wind 
blows in favor of your competitors...

So, if Debian can be truly so great for companies from IBM to Alfresco, to 
Oracle (and the end result can be so great for we, mere users), how is it 
that we won't have "certified" stuff from them?  It can't be the platform or 
else they wouldn't certify with, say, Ubuntu.  It's my opinion that's because 
while Dell's and Red Hat's (or Canonical's) CEOs get to play golf together 
that's not the case for Debian.

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