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Re: Debian money

On Thu, Sep 10, 2009 at 06:19:21PM +0200, Harald Geyer wrote:
> Well, after the dunc-tank desaster I started to recommend to people
> not to donate any money to debian at all but to upstreams instead, 
> because "debian has more money than it needs and giving more money to
> debian only will cause DDs to start arguing about it and effectively
> distracting them from working on the distro."

Did you actually do this while wearing a Debian shirt on a Debian booth?

> Anyway, the feedback I got after recommending donations to upstreams
> was mostly that people generally don't know which upstreams need them
> and actually would do something useful with it.

The canonical answer would be "take the bug or wishlist item that you
would love to have fixed, locate the program's author, donate to him
with a strong suggestion that you would really like to see your pet
bug or wishlist item fixed".

Personally, working on Debian is a very big gratification for me.
Maybe a better one that other things I do for money or am forced to do
for free.


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