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Re: Debian money

[Frans Pop]
>>  6 Fund other related projects
>>    a Debian Edu. Clearly good for us to do - heavily linked with
>>      Debian.
> Not sure about that. IMO it's up to the schools and governmental
> institutions that use Debian Edu to sponsor that.  However, I have
> no problem with Debian sponsoring development meetings that aim to
> work on Debian Edu, but that comes under the heading of "Fund
> developer gatherings".

Almost all expenses in the Debian Edu project are for developer
gatherings.  We try to organize 7-8 gatherings a year, and the cost
per gathering is around 2500 EURO, thus giving us a yearly need for
20000 EURO.  In addition to this, we buy test hardware for use at the
developer gatherings, have funded a user conference once, and funded
travel and lodging for debconf and other conferences.  We funded a
Gnash developer gathering last year.  The Debian Edu project is almost
out of funds, and need more donations. :)

>>    b Gnash. Petter is very keen on this, but I'm not so sure. Don't
>>      they have other ways to get funding? Thoughts?
> I don't think Debian as a project should sponsor upstream
> development.  That's up to individual DDs.

A working free software implementation of the flash web plugin is a
requirement for Debian to provide a complete free software based
desktop.  At the moment flash is used on so many web sites that the
common user will not accept a browser without working Flash.  I
believe that should be a priority of the Debian project to provide a
complete free software desktop.  And as Gnash is one of the few
projects where money will help speed up development, I believe
spending Debian money on Gnash is a good idea.  Why should Debian not
sponsor upstream development for projects that are important to

Happy hacking,
Petter Reinholdtsen

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