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Re: Debian money

Petter Reinholdtsen wrote:
[Frans Pop]

   b Gnash. Petter is very keen on this, but I'm not so sure. Don't
     they have other ways to get funding? Thoughts?
I don't think Debian as a project should sponsor upstream
development.  That's up to individual DDs.

A working free software implementation of the flash web plugin is a
requirement for Debian to provide a complete free software based
desktop.  At the moment flash is used on so many web sites that the
common user will not accept a browser without working Flash.  I
believe that should be a priority of the Debian project to provide a
complete free software desktop.  And as Gnash is one of the few
projects where money will help speed up development, I believe
spending Debian money on Gnash is a good idea.  Why should Debian not
sponsor upstream development for projects that are important to

It is useful not only for Debian, so IMHO Debian could donate some
money, but only if other big distributions (RedHat, SuSe/Novel, Ubuntu,
etc.) do the same.


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