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Re: To whom it may concern [was Re: Bug#541013: O: at -- Delayed job execution and batch processing]

On 2009-08-11, Sandro Tosi <morph@debian.org> wrote:
>>> No lp please! here is debian, we got alioth -> use it.
>> Please don't tell me what to do with *my code* should I ever retrieve it.
> it's not your code.
> I filed the bug, so I have a bit of responsibility to hand it to capable people.
> Luckily other guys already started doing the work, instead of only
> talking. On alioth of course...

I don't see what's wrong with hosting a project on LP using bzr as DVCS if
one takes it over.  Really, I don't.  If one wants to take over upstream
development of something then it's fine and we should be happy and (s)he
gets to choose.  (I am not discussing this concrete case however.)

LP is even open source now.  You do not get to force people to use Alioth.

Kind regards,
Philipp 'Who doesn't like bzr, but that's another matter entirely' Kern

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