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To whom it may concern [was Re: Bug#541013: O: at -- Delayed job execution and batch processing]

Hi all,

sorry to carry this over to d-project but IMHO the BTS is not the
right place for the dispute below, moreover I'd like to learn what
Debian's current consent in these matters is.

appropriate Cc:s set.

I had to pipe Sandro's original message through
                sed -e 's/NO!!! No lp/No lp please/'
before I calmed down enough for a moderate response.

On Tue, Aug 11, 2009 at 14:26 +0200, Sandro Tosi wrote:
> On Tue, Aug 11, 2009 at 14:20, Siggy Brentrup<debian@psycho.i21k.de> wrote:
> > On Tue, Aug 11, 2009 at 13:11 +0200, Sandro Tosi wrote:

[For your understanding: I snipped this paragraph stating I have to skim  ]
[over some old tapes from '00 to retrieve an almost complete rewrite of at]
[*I didn't ask Sandro for any help*.  cf Bug#541013 if interested         ]

> >> I suggest to form a team around it: you're welcome to join (I suppose)
> >> but I *will not* lead it.
> >
> > Given I decide to look after and find the code, I'll announce a lp project.
> No lp please! here is debian, we got alioth -> use it.

Please don't tell me what to do with *my code* should I ever retrieve it.

> >> > But, as I already told you on another thread, I won't contribute
> >> > substantially to Debian without having a vote (nagged DAM on sunday).
> >>
> >> You repeat it at each mail, but you should really bother DAM not each
> >> recipients of your messages (because I doubt it will gives your any
> >> result).
> >
> > Only if asked for help :) an O: being a corner case I admit.  ATM I'm
> > looking for my place in the OSS world, I'd prefer Debian but I am no
> > patient guy, 4 weeks w/o any reaction not even an acknowledgement of
> > receipt are akin to a denial for me.
> >
> > It's easy: I won't bother you anymore with this if you don't ask me to
> > contribute or help. and I'll refrain from following up to O:, RFH: &c.
> You don't need to be a DD to help with packaging. You don't need to be
> a DD to help with bug triaging. You don't need to be a DD to help with
> patching code. You don't need to be a DD to upload packages (DM
> status). You don't need to be a DD to form an alioth team. You don't
> need to be a DD to join an alioth team and do work there.

Guess what, having been a DD from '95 to '04 I read and to a very small extent
participated in the discussions leading to what you are telling me here.

It's my impression from the last weeks I've been lurking around on
d-devel that Debian has changed a lot not only from the early days
with Ian Murdock and Bruce Perens as DPL but even from '04 when I
silently left not only the OSS world due to a malady.

> So, if you want to help Debian, you're very much welcome, but not
> doing because you're not a DD (anymore) it's fscking damn wrong.

I'd suggest you stop cursing, please calm down *before* hitting the
send button.

To sum it up, you know my decision, please respect it.  The rest of my
lifetime is too precious to be wasted in pointless discussions.

Making things easy for DAM: if I still see no reaction on his part
during the next week, I understand it as a denial and I'm no longer
interested in reopening my account.

Please don't Cc: me when replying, I might not see either copy.
               or:                bsb-at-psycho-dot-i21k-dot-de
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