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Re: Reopening my account bsb@debian.org

On 11837 March 1977, Bernd Brentrup wrote:

> ATM my standard response to requests for help is: nag DAM, I won't
> do any substantial work for Debian without having a vote.

This is surely the wrong attitude.

> What's your decision? I'd really like to contribute to Debian again,
> but there are other interesting projects around where I don't have to
> wait endlessly for any reaction.

Thats pretty easy:
You did not retire following the defined procedure, so your key is in
the removed-keys keyring. There is no easy "emeritus" way for those to come
back. You have to pass the normal NM procedure.

On 11839 March 1977, Siggy Brentrup wrote:

> It's my impression from the last weeks I've been lurking around on
> d-devel that Debian has changed a lot not only from the early days
> with Ian Murdock and Bruce Perens as DPL but even from '04 when I
> silently left not only the OSS world due to a malady.

Which is a good thing. Not changing means starving means death.

>> So, if you want to help Debian, you're very much welcome, but not
>> doing because you're not a DD (anymore) it's fscking damn wrong.
> I'd suggest you stop cursing, please calm down *before* hitting the
> send button.

He is right.

bye, Joerg
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