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Re: The Python mess in Debian

On 2009-08-08, Bernd Zeimetz <bernd@bzed.de> wrote:
>> AFAICT, the real problem is that after unpack many python modules do not
>> work as they use symlink hackery in the postinst.
> What do you mean exactly? Could you point me to an example?
> The only problem I see is that it starts to become complicated as soon as you
> want to run a daemon, as the .pyc files are not compiled yet when the daemon is
> started.

Well, the documentation of python-support states how to deal with it (with a
command invocation in the postinst) but the same problem arises when you use
a Python script of another package in your postinst maintainer script.
Been there, don't that.

And no, it's not the missing byte-compilation that triggers the failure but the
missing symlink farm that's usually processed by a trigger at the end of the
installation run.

Kind regards,
Philipp Kern

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