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Re: the role of the LSB (was: On cadence and collaboration)

also sprach Pierre Habouzit <madcoder@madism.org> [2009.08.06.1104 +0200]:
> You're comparing apples and oranges here, for HTML is a standard,
> and theoretically, following the standard is enough (and even that
> is probably -- and sadly -- a fallacy).

LSB is growing to be just that, but it won't stand a chance if
people/distros don't work with it.

> When it comes to the LSB, it doesn't say what happens when you're
> using very specific bits of the Linux kernel or the GNU libc, and
> when you're doing networking stuff for example, well, that matters
> a lot.  That's why LSB doesn't work for many vendors because of
> the very different toolchains.

I am failing to accept that vendors need to use those very specific
things in their software, just like I doubt that people need IE-HTML
to make their sites render properly. I think laziness^W business
thinking is more likely an option.

Anyway, if there is something that should be standardised, well,
bring it up to the LSB. The W3C and web-standards groups didn't
suggest to synchronise the rendering engines between all browsers.
They defined standards. I think that's what we ought to do too.

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