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Re: On cadence and collaboration

Julien BLACHE wrote:
[Cc:ed as I don't know whether you're subscribed to -project]
I am subscribed, yes, but thanks for the cc.

From the very start of the Debian Project, Debian has been different
from everything else: different package management tools, different
philosophy, different organization, you name it.
Debian stands out in many respects, yes. But being different for the sake of it isn't a laudable goal: if there's a good idea, it deserves to be considered, even if others are already considering it.

Overall, it's been working fine for the last 16 years.
A lot has been achieved, yes. Could more be done? Could Debian be stronger? Are there weaknesses that may be addressed? I think it's always worth considering how things can be improved.
What do you think the changes you are proposing can gain us?

I don't believe in the "upstreams will care" stuff (there are good
examples of upstreams not giving a damn about distributors over the
past months) and I don't believe in the 100% end-user-centric focus
you're displaying in your mail.
Well, we believe differently, and that's OK. I think it's easy enough to go and speak to a few upstreams, and ask them this: "what would you do differently if you knew that multiple distributions would all sit down and think about which version of your code to ship with their big 2010 release?" I think you'd find most of them say "that would be amazing".

Once I've removed that from your mail, and the "but Ubuntu loves you!"
stuff, there's nothing left.


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