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Re: On cadence and collaboration

Mark Shuttleworth <mark@ubuntu.com> wrote:


> Debian stands out in many respects, yes. But being different for the
> sake of it isn't a laudable goal: if there's a good idea, it deserves to
> be considered, even if others are already considering it.

Being different and independent actually enables us to be better at
what we're doing than anyone else. If we were tied to something or
someone one way or another, this would not be possible.

>> Overall, it's been working fine for the last 16 years.
> A lot has been achieved, yes. Could more be done? Could Debian be
> stronger? Are there weaknesses that may be addressed? I think it's
> always worth considering how things can be improved.

Indeed. And I truly don't see how being tied to and restricted by
other projects with differing interests can help us there. Quite to
the contrary.

> Well, we believe differently, and that's OK. I think it's easy enough to
> go and speak to a few upstreams, and ask them this: "what would you do
> differently if you knew that multiple distributions would all sit down
> and think about which version of your code to ship with their big 2010
> release?" I think you'd find most of them say "that would be amazing".

I don't really care about what they say, I care about how they act
upon it afterwards. And unfortunately there's no guarantee that
they'll support us better than they do today. Especially if those
statements were made without community backing.


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