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Re: On cadence and collaboration

Mark Shuttleworth schreef:

> I think most are waiting to see if Debian and Ubuntu can do this. If we
> can, I am very confident we will get a group of other distributions
> participating in the version harmonisation discussions in the first
> round. To win Novell we would have to actually demonstrate the process
> works, I think. And to win Red Hat we would need to demonstrate it works
> with everyone else first. At least, that's my impression from
> conversations to date.

Redhat/Fedora seems to be difficult to win, but is a strong partner.
Maybe we could try to make a freeze with both Debian and Ubuntu on a
date that RedHat freezes in the hope Redhat likes it for a next time. We
can do our best to make it attractive for them.

Ubuntu will maybe be the first to release. No problem for me. Important
point for me to choose Debian is the security-support on all packages.
And Debian stable has more time so it can learn from problems in other

With regards,
Paul van der Vlis.


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