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Re: On cadence and collaboration

Jan Hauke Rahm wrote:
I understand you've been talking to other distributions as well about
syncing releases (or freezes) in order to ship same versions of major
system components. Now, much of the discussion here is about the actual
dates, i.e. the possible freeze in a few month as well as freezing in
the end of odd years to release in spring of even years. This idea seems
to fit best to your (ubuntu's) current release cycle and I feel many
Debian contributors see there your (inacceptable?) influence on Debian.

I'm interested in the reactions of other distributions. Are they likely
to change their release cycle to fit yours? Or would you be willing to
change Ubuntu's release dates if SuSE proposed LTS releases to come out
in odd years or similar?

I think most are waiting to see if Debian and Ubuntu can do this. If we can, I am very confident we will get a group of other distributions participating in the version harmonisation discussions in the first round. To win Novell we would have to actually demonstrate the process works, I think. And to win Red Hat we would need to demonstrate it works with everyone else first. At least, that's my impression from conversations to date.


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