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Re: On cadence and collaboration

Hi, Jan:

On Wednesday 05 August 2009 21:53:20 Jan Hauke Rahm wrote:

> I'm interested in the reactions of other distributions. Are they likely
> to change their release cycle to fit yours? Or would you be willing to
> change Ubuntu's release dates if SuSE proposed LTS releases to come out
> in odd years or similar?

Remember this is basically a meritocracy and that open sourced software tends 
to grow like a snowball down a hill: the first to do something seen as useful 
on a less than stinky way will "attract" attention and activity around him.  
Even know it's working just that way: why is it Shuttleworth now gossiping 
about time-based releases but because he believes on its value, probably 
based on ideas developed out of the fact of Ubuntu working -and working well, 
at least on his eyes, that way?

That's why I said something in the lines of "don't worry about Red Hat, SUSE, 
whatever..." if you go and do it, you'll show it's possible and if it's 
useful others will "jump" onto your backseat in due time... and if it ends up 
not being so useful/good idea, well... hours and hours wasted on comitees to 
reach consensus won't make it any better anyway.

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