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Re: On cadence and collaboration

Pierre Habouzit <madcoder@madism.org> wrote:


Quoting out of context and generalizing from there, way to go.

>> In the free software world, the diversity we have today, which is
>> partly due to unaligned releases from the major vendors, is an asset.
> Security-wise ? Let's admit that, I don't want to fight on that point,
> even if I think it's not as simple.

It does help, but sure it's not that simple either.

> But speaking from my experience as an employee of a software editor, I
> can tell that the distribution diversity is a huge problem when it comes
> to distributing our work. If your client use a Ubuntu LTS, a RHEL, a
> SuSE or worst for some, some kind of home-brewed monster taken half from
> a RHEL and custom packages (*sigh*) then you have as many builds to do,
> regress-test and so on.  When you target Windows or Solaris or MacosX,

Guess what: this will still be the case even with aligned releases or
whatever. You won't get rid of that unless all the distros collapse
into a single one overnight.


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