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Re: On cadence and collaboration


Mark Shuttleworth wrote:
> Julien BLACHE wrote:
>>> Debian stands out in many respects, yes. But being different for the
>>> sake of it isn't a laudable goal: if there's a good idea, it deserves to
>>> be considered, even if others are already considering it.
>> Being different and independent actually enables us to be better at
>> what we're doing than anyone else.

> I agree, that conscious, planned and considered differences are the best
> way to beat the competition or stand for your brand. If you do the same
> thing as everyone else it's very difficult to be better.

the independence is not necessarily planned. To my perception it is more of a "I am using
my current distro which I know well and quickly (or less quickly) and incrementally
improving a package of my interest as good as I can" without looking much left, right or
down to other dis(s)tros.

We are all (mostly) volunteers and often the looking left or looking right takes much more
time than the packaging itself. And in my view, this is mostly fine this way. In a perfect
world, upstream collects packages from the distributions quickly, at least those that
matter. And they would all read the bug reports that the distributions collect and react
to them - many thanks for launchpad, btw.

The thinking of releases I hope to disappear in some not so distant future. This would
then render all this discussion rather irrelevant, right? Instead, we should have packages
collected on our machine, whose cutting-edginess depends on the users' personal skills and
interests. This would be similar to stable with backports on for selected packages only.

Many greetings


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