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Re: Debian redesign

Yes, I did not notice "all of it free." in the original. But I did not
because it is in the midst of a chapter, not at the end, and it is not
emphasized. This small changes change the meaning.

> pixelgirl explained she only took the first part of the text.
The full text would have ruined the layout. It's the wrong way round:
Set up a fine layout and find a matching content. The Debian web site
is built the other way round.

Another example:
Why replace "Getting Debian" with "download". "Getting Debian" links to
a small tutorial about the various ways to - well - get Debian. Why name
it "download"? Because all the others have a download area? To catch
"generation download"?

My point is this:
The mission of the modern advertising industry is to fool users. All
the tools are are designed for this goal. While it seems a nice idea to
turn these tools around and use them for good, be aware of the danger:
the spirit of advertising may creep in unnoticed and finally turn
around the content.

Except for getting the country wrong this old limerick sums it up
pretty well (with my apologies to the tigers; they are not evil).

A smiling young lady from Niger
once went for a ride on a tiger.
When they came back from the ride,
was the lady inside
and the smile on the face of the tiger.


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