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Re: Debian redesign

On Saturday 01 August 2009, Holger Levsen wrote:
> On Donnerstag, 30. Juli 2009, Frans Pop wrote:
> > > One that will make a statement that women in Debian should always
> > > wear deep cleavages, and men in Debian have sex with their laptops.
> > > Nice...
> >
> > IMHO you're seriously overreacting here.
> IMO you are.

I disagree. There is IMO nothing in those posters that says that women 
cannot be involved in Debian unless they show deep cleavages. And the
"sex with laptops" thing is even more farfetched.
*That* is the overreaction.

> And yes, those pics also made me role my eyes and say no way. And


> certainly not because I dont like (semi)naked people or whatever - but
> because I dont like stereotypes, and especially not to represent an
> universal OS.

I can agree to some point with the stereotyping, but that does not change 
the fact that *nothing* in the posters tells people they should conform 
to them.

The problem is: stereotyping is a rather effective marketing mechanism...

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