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Re: Debian redesign

On Sat, Aug 01, 2009 at 11:41:29AM +0200, Werner Baumann wrote:
> Another example:
> Why replace "Getting Debian" with "download". "Getting Debian" links to
> a small tutorial about the various ways to - well - get Debian. Why name
> it "download"? Because all the others have a download area? To catch
> "generation download"?

Because the current website is *all but impossible to navigate*, lacking
many of the signposts that users rely on to find their way.  On the current
Debian website, we have the following sidebar:

  Getting Debian
    CD vendors
    CD ISO images
    Network install

None of these includes the key word "download".  We should not make users
think this hard in order to figure out how to download Debian - that's
entirely the wrong kind of elitism!

> My point is this:
> The mission of the modern advertising industry is to fool users. All
> the tools are are designed for this goal. While it seems a nice idea to
> turn these tools around and use them for good, be aware of the danger:
> the spirit of advertising may creep in unnoticed and finally turn
> around the content.

Your hang-ups regarding advertising are uninteresting and should not be
allowed to get in the way of Debian having a well-designed and useful

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