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Re: Debian decides to adopt time-based release freezes

Hi Otavio,

Thanks for the heads up. In other words, it seems you're fine with the
overall idea but is skeptical about the timing, right?

I also think the bottom line of your argument is that due the amount
of coordination we need we may miss some pieces of the puzzle. Well,
it's clear RM team will keep unblocking packages that contains RC bugs
during freeze. I expect to see more RC bugs related to features that
were partially uploaded (package Y version A is in, but Z version B
isn't) and there's definitely a window for improvements on this camp.
Unfortunately, we have no metrics on how many packages were unblocked
due that to compare.

On Wed, Jul 29, 2009 at 4:37 PM, Otavio Salvador<otavio@ossystems.com.br> wrote:
> Hello,
> On Wed, Jul 29, 2009 at 4:55 PM, Gustavo Franco<stratus@debian.org> wrote:
>> Otavio, let me make it clear for all readers that you're talking on
>> behalf of debian installer team.
>> I'm sure d-i team is very important to RM team. Communication is far
>> from being a strong quality of this project, with that in mind could
>> you please try to dissociate a little from the whole thing and raise
>> points against a time-based release freeze from d-i team point of
>> view?
> I think that time-based freezes are good to allow people to plan for
> it and be sure that everything are is shape when it comes.
> From d-i POV I think a time-based freeze is going to help us to be
> able to plan ahead, and push other teams for the same. The current
> timeline can be a hard one for us depending on what the other teams
> are planning to do during the time up to the freeze.
> To make easier for people to understand why d-i sometimes takes longer
> to release then expected here goes a view about what d-i depends on to
> a release to happen. We need to coordinate with:
>  - d-i team (of course)
>  - RM team (due migrations, blocks, and like)
>  - kernel team (to get bugs fixed and coordinate uploads to fit the schedule)
>  - debian-cd team (media and package set planning due space restrictions)
>  - GNOME team (due their meta-packages and space restrictions and
> libraries that we use in d-i)
>  - KDE team (due meta-packages and space restrictions)
>  - ftpmasters (to process packages and migrate installer)
> So it is quite difficult to know right now if we'll be able to make it
> in time; we depends on a lot of people and coordination to make it
> happen.
> Our current plan is to release Alpha 1 as soon as possible and then
> get a better view of our current stability status. We will then focus
> in stabilizing all the installer due the short time for the freeze.
> --
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-- Gustavo "stratus" Franco

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