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Re: Debian decides to adopt time-based release freezes


On Wed, Jul 29, 2009 at 4:55 PM, Gustavo Franco<stratus@debian.org> wrote:
> Otavio, let me make it clear for all readers that you're talking on
> behalf of debian installer team.
> I'm sure d-i team is very important to RM team. Communication is far
> from being a strong quality of this project, with that in mind could
> you please try to dissociate a little from the whole thing and raise
> points against a time-based release freeze from d-i team point of
> view?

I think that time-based freezes are good to allow people to plan for
it and be sure that everything are is shape when it comes.

>From d-i POV I think a time-based freeze is going to help us to be
able to plan ahead, and push other teams for the same. The current
timeline can be a hard one for us depending on what the other teams
are planning to do during the time up to the freeze.

To make easier for people to understand why d-i sometimes takes longer
to release then expected here goes a view about what d-i depends on to
a release to happen. We need to coordinate with:

 - d-i team (of course)
 - RM team (due migrations, blocks, and like)
 - kernel team (to get bugs fixed and coordinate uploads to fit the schedule)
 - debian-cd team (media and package set planning due space restrictions)
 - GNOME team (due their meta-packages and space restrictions and
libraries that we use in d-i)
 - KDE team (due meta-packages and space restrictions)
 - ftpmasters (to process packages and migrate installer)

So it is quite difficult to know right now if we'll be able to make it
in time; we depends on a lot of people and coordination to make it

Our current plan is to release Alpha 1 as soon as possible and then
get a better view of our current stability status. We will then focus
in stabilizing all the installer due the short time for the freeze.

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