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Re: so ... let's merge DAM and FD?

On Fri Jul 03 10:54, Emilio Pozuelo Monfort wrote:
> > I definitely *don't* agree that there's justification for automatically
> > merging the FD into DAM.
> OK, you have a point. However, as long as one of the teams (e.g. FD) stops
> duplicating the same task, and the other one is added more members, the result
> should be the same. Of course it may not be that easy to find new victims for
> the position...

The point is they aren't duplicating the same task. DAM reviews and
approves applications. FD does superficial checks to filter out
technically incorrect applications so that DAM doesn't have to do those
and doesn't waste time on those applications.

As Steve says, that's only a bottleneck if DAM is blocking on getting
applications from FD and in that case there's no reason for them not to
pull them from the FD stage directly, assuming that's possible.


Matthew Johnson

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