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Re: DAM and NEW queues processing

On 11790 March 1977, Lucas Nussbaum wrote:

> Then NEW. Nothing out of the ordinary here: NEW delays are often raised
> on -devel@ (see [1] for example), and it's apparently considered normal
> to wait 2 or more weeks before one's package gets reviewed. Since this
> often blocks other works, it is a major source of slowdown in Debian. Of
> course, it happens that the NEW queue is nearly empty and processed
> almost daily[2], but we depend on the free time of too few people, so
> good times never last.

Stop whining, volunteer to do the work. ftpmaster did ask a *lot* of
times for volunteers to help with that. What we got have been a handful
of people only. Some dropped out due to lack of knowledge, most to lack
of time. As of now we only have *one* left doing ftptrainee. (having
good chances of getting ftpteam sometime soon if it continues like it).

We *happily* accept everyone as trainee that does not get a NO from the
existing team[1] and let them do trainee work. Have 5 til 10 hours a
week? Can deal with the points written down in [2]? Mail us.

[1] There are always people one can not or will not work with. AFAIR we
    denied (only) 2 or 3 people at all until now.
[2] http://lists.debian.org/debian-devel-announce/2009/03/msg00007.html

> It is clear, based on the previous attempts to solve those problems,
> that simply throwing more manpower on the DAM and ftpmasters team won't
> solve those problems. We have tried that for years, and it has failed
> for years.

Wrong, the solution for NEW *is* more manpower. One just doesn't find
the qualified manpower easily. (And with qualified I mean those points
we wrote in our last few ftpmaster mails, not the actual doing of the
work in NEW, learning that is part of trainee).

> We need to compromise on the level of quality we expect from our
> prospective DDs and new packages.

Why do you want to make Debian worse? Somehow I had the opinion we are
trying to make the best OS ever, not something that maybe works
sometimes, given the right moon phase.

>  - the NM process could be reduced to 5 to 10 questions choosen by the
>    AM amongst the 50+ questions currently in the NM templates, to verify

The last attempt to take away 95% of the current, possibly, tedious
question/answer style was rejected.

> for verifying that enough DDs have reviewed the package. And ftpmasters
> could still choose some "interesting" packages and check them manually.


> Of course, this will lead to buggy packages being uploaded to Debian.

We do not block buggy packages. Very often there are *bad* bugs passing
NEW as we simply dont check the actual functionality of the software
(thank god).

> But that is already the case, and Debian has never been sued so far,

That we never have been sued for license trouble doesn't mean its a sane
idea to ask for it, which you do want to do.

> It will also create a culture of asking for reviews from other
> maintainers, which, in the long term, could help improve the quality
> of the distribution as a whole.

Nothing at all blocks you from asking for reviews from other
maintainers. Do it, PLEASE DO IT. The more people that do it, the less
the rejects we have to do in NEW, the less the size of NEW. You do not
need to redefine anything for it to happen.

You know, there is one set of packages that *usually* passes NEW pretty
fast? Thats because they do something similar to that. They (usually,
even they have exceptions, but pretty rare) have damn good copyright
files. (For some reason those packages end in -perl. Must be some policy
thing i suspect).

bye, Joerg
My first contact with Linux was with SuSE 6.3. A friend of mine
installed it on my pc, and just take me a couple of hours to reinstall
Windows on it.

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