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Re: Assisting with NEW queue backlog

Ben Finney wrote:
Paul Wise <pabs@debian.org> writes:

Unless you are in the ftpteam group, you won't be able to access the
packages in NEW:

For the record, this does of course make sense. A big part of the
point to the NEW queue is to check whether it's legal for the Debian
project to redistribute these works; making them publicly available
ifrom official Debian project servers before those checks would
undermine that.

But IIRC now the new queue accept only signed packages (who was
not the case at the beginning), so IMHO we could relax some rules.

Anyway packages receive a first review from DD before to sign
(and DD was checked about license understanding).

With normal updates, we could (I hope only theoretically) add
illegal files, along other updates. Some team maintained package
are "uploaded" in alioth (an official machine)

NEWS is something different but:
- for existing sources, new binaries: IMHO it is the same as updating
  (but the usual ftpmaster works, like overrides, etc.), so could
  be public.
- for other new packages: I think it is enough that the packages
  are signed by DD, the package are not mirrored and "hidden"
  (but we can change hostname/directory-name, so that everyone
  see that these package are not (yet) official product of Debian.


PS: ooops: I forgot DMs: there is no license and ID checks for them,
so the my theory is broken.

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