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Re: Voting on messages: a way to resolve the mailing list problems

On Saturday 20 December 2008 21:33:27 MJ Ray wrote:
> Jurij Smakov <jurij@wooyd.org> wrote: [...]
> > So, what can we do about? During a little brainstorming session on IRC
> > last night a following idea has emerged: let's have a way to express
> > our opinion about the mailing list posts. [...]
> So, people who remain on the debian mailing lists have a poor
> understanding of what should appear a good mailing list, 

What makes you think that "vocal minority" is larger than "silent majority" in 
debian mailing lists? If the "silent majority" has decent means to evaluate 
the traffic of the mailing list (i.e. by means of voting messages for 
example) then I believe it will do it happily, or at least chances to do so 
increase dramatically.

> but having 
> those same people express their opinion about what is good on a
> mailing list will improve matters?  

Which people you think should express their opinion about what is good on a 
debian mailing lists:

* debian mailing list participants
* external observers, who has no clue nor care about the list traffic

> In short, we are going to use 
> the "buggy" list memberships's views to repair the lists?

I see no repairs here, just means to evaluate the content which hopefully 
might gain a self-improving system based on the gathered data. Those who 
supply the data, are these who consume its results... see the motivation ?

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