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Re: Linux System Engineer (100%) in Zurich

"Rafal Czlonka" <rafal.czlonka@googlemail.com> writes:

> > Any employer selecting employees to hire is, by definition,
> > discriminating based on particular criteria. If nothing else, they are
> > (we hope!) discriminating based on demonstrated ability to perform the
> > job functions. So we can't simply request job adverts avoid
> > "discriminatory job offers".
> Abilities, knowledge, experience, etc. can be acquired;

Right. But just because an employer discriminates on the basis of any
of these criteria doesn't stop it being discrimination. I repeat,
employers *must* discriminate, usually based on some attributes of the

> age cannot.

Indeed. So you've found at least one criterion that you would prefer
to be absent from those used to discriminate.

What I'm pointing out is that “discrimination” cannot be expected to
not occur, because it's entirely essential to the process. Clearly
what is being objected to is *not* the act of discrimination, but what
particular *criteria* are used for discrimination.

If you want to prevent *unfair* discrimination, you must first agree
what specifically constitutes fair or unfair criteria; if you want to
prevent *objectionable* criteria, you must first agree which specific
criteria are objectionable.

Good luck with that.

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