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Re: Linux System Engineer (100%) in Zurich


On Wednesday 26 November 2008 10:11, martin f krafft wrote:
> Putting a maximum age into a job
> description is standard practice because a company does not want to
> invest time and money into a new employee for various reasons, be
> they simple age and thus time left to work for the company,
> absorptive capacity, or company culture.

So what? The same can be said (for example) for hiring only females for 
certain jobs ("nicer telephone voice", "more appealing to (male) customers", 
whatever crap).

That's also (somewhat) standard practice in Germany, while being illegal.

I support Jurjs proposal of adding a "Please no discriminatory job offers" or 
such to http://lists.debian.org/debian-jobs/

And I also suggest not to freak out about every bit of discrimination, esp. as 
this project is foremost about creating a free universal operating system...


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