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Re: Member distributions and popularity

On Thu, 20 Nov 2008, Ean Schuessler wrote:

"Debian Pure Blends" are definitely part of the picture. It would be really great if we promoted Debian Pure Blends on the "Getting Debian" page.


I'm not sure if we want to say that *only* Debian Pure Blends would be promoted by us.

No definitely not - and I did not said this.  I just wanted to make
a distinction between a Debian Pure Blend which is an internal effort
and those derivatives which by definition can not be a Blend.

For instance, if Google were to distribute a signed G1 firmware with a real Debian distribution... how would that be handled?

If it makes this "WITH a real Debian distribution" it is no Blend.  If
DDs / DMs working for Google (yes, there are DDs working for Google)
upload packages to the Debian mirror that enables building a G1 firmware
out of 100% Debian packages it is a Blend and can surely be handled as

But this was not the question.  We can list Blends and those "supportive"
derivatives on our pages as you wanted to suggest.  I just would like to
avoid mixing both things up because there is a slight but important

Debian Pure Blends is very far along the way to what I'm talking about. I've known about CDDs and I've used the live-helper tools (which are very cool) but I've never had an occasion to read the Debian Pure Blend docs. We should be more actively promoting these kinds of things off of the main landing pages.

You probably will not blame me for beeing silent about the concept. ;-)
Have a look at my talks page [1]!
(And actually the experience of these talks showed me that the name CDD
did not worked at all - guess how often I was asked question based on the
common misunderstanding despite the fact that I putted the main ideas bold
face on the slides and talked explicitely about it.)

To your point about not wasting lots of keystrokes... I will comp up a version of the "Getting Debian" page that has my changes and send that to the list for commentary. I guess the thing I'm looking for (and the reason that I'm not just going to go change pages) is that the policy for collaborating with distributions is something that the project should be behind and not something I just made up.

Fine.  I'm keen on reading your changes.

Kind regards


[1] http://people.debian.org/~tille/talks/


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